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BioFuel is the only cooking and warming fuel you’ll ever need! Made in the USA of 100% all natural materials and non-toxic ingredients, BioFuel is the result of a 12 year research and development effort to create a safer and greener cooking and warming fuel. This webpage will help you learn more about the full line of BioFuel Products or you can shop BioFuel products now!

Why Choose BioFuel?

cost effective


BioFuel is less expensive than traditional cooking and warming fuel and lasts twice as long as a single can of Sterno cooking fuel.
enviro friendly


BioFuel is made in the USA using only all natural, organic and non-hazardous materials.


BioFuel cans can be reused and refilled to prevent unnecessary waste and have an unlimited shelf life.


BioFuel is available for purchase from our company website, but also at many of your local, "bix box" retail stores.

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BioFuel Reusable Burner Can

This reusable and refillable BioFuel can holds enough fuel to burn for 5-7 hours and can be used for cooking, warming or in emergencies.

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BioFuel 15oz Fuel Refill Bottle (273x640)

BioFuel 15oz Fuel Refill

Save money by purchasing BioFuel fuel refills and top off your current stock of BioFuel burner cans. 15 ounce refill bottle.

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BioFuel 30oz Fuel Refill Bottle (273x640)

BioFuel 30oz Fuel Refill

If you frequently use BioFuel burner cans, this 30 oz fuel refill can provide up to 30 more hours of burn time. 30 ounce refill bottle.

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Uses For BioFuel:

Catering / Food Service

BioFuel is a practical, refillable and cost effective replacement for traditional cooking fuel.

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Camping / Outdoors

BioFuel is made from non-hazardous, organic material and provides 5-7 hours of cooking time.

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Emergency Preparedness

BioFuel is ready to use in an emergency. Safe for indoor / outdoor use and has an unlimited shelf life.

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BioFuel Consumer Facts:

  • BioFuel is a pure, petroleum-free diol used to make a variety of products, serving a wide range of consumer and industrial markets globally.
  • BioFuel is derived from a renewably-sourced corn sugar fermentation process
  • BioFuel stems from a 12 year R&D effort to develop a bio-catalyst that converts corn sugar to bio-based propanediol.
  • BioFuel is 100% made in the USA
  • Our fuel is made from a 100% pure biobased ingredient used to manufacture “Greenscapes Biofuel” products.
  • BioFuel is 100% natural and contains no added preservatives, is 100% petroleum-free and contains no animal byproducts.
  • Renewable and sustainable – Life Cycle Assessment (cradle to gate) shows reduced environmental impact vs. petroleum-based glycols.
  • BioFuel emits 40% less greenhouse gas emissions than our competitors.
  • BioFuel manufacturing results in 38% less energy used in its production.
  • BioFuel is readily biodegradable and certified by the USDA as 100% bio-based.
  • While burning, BioFuel only emits a light, sweet scent.



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