BioFuel_7oz_CanAt BioFuel, we know our customers are always looking for emergency supplies that could keep your family safe and secure during an emergency situation or a natural disaster! This is why BioFuel was created. We wanted to offer a safer and more cost effective solution to the traditional fuel cans that, until now, have been the only choice on the market. Biofuel’s small, convenient burner cans are easy to store and have an unlimited shelf life. Check our products out and see why Biofuel is the perfect cooking and warming fuel to keep on hand for emergency situations and natural disasters!

Why Choose BioFuel?

There are four key features that makes BioFuel different than any other fuel-based cooking or warming cans on the market! Our burner cans are reliable. With an unlimited shelf life, you won’t ever find yourself having to throw away “old” or unused BioFuel burner cans and refill fuel bottles. Our burner cans are temperature adjustable. No matter if your situation calls for warming or cooking, our burner can lids allow you to control the temperature and burn duration of your BioFuel cooking fuel. Our cooking and warming fuel is safe, organic and non-toxic. If you are in an emergency or survival situation, you don’t have time to worry about harmful chemicals or vapors. Our fuel is sourced from only all natural and organic ingredients and our burner cans are spill / leak proof. Finally, our burner cans are refillable. You won’t have to worry about finding a place to store hundreds of BioFuel burner cans, all you need is a couple BioFuel burner cans and a few bottles of refill fuel to last you until help arrives.

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BioFuel Reusable Burner Can

This reusable and refillable BioFuel can holds enough fuel to burn for 5-7 hours and can be used for cooking, warming or in emergencies.

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BioFuel 15oz Fuel Refill Bottle (273x640)

BioFuel 15oz Fuel Refill

Save money by purchasing BioFuel fuel refills and top off your current stock of BioFuel burner cans. 15 ounce refill bottle.

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BioFuel 30oz Fuel Refill Bottle (273x640)

BioFuel 30oz Fuel Refill

If you frequently use BioFuel burner cans, this 30 oz fuel refill can provide up to 30 more hours of burn time. 30 ounce refill bottle.

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BioFuel Emergency Kit (15 hrs)

This all-inclusive kit includes everything you would need to prepare and cook 1 weeks worth of food using BioFuel.

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BioFuel Emergency Kit (30 hrs)

This all-inclusive kit includes everything you would need to prepare and cook 2 weeks worth of food using BioFuel.

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