Greenscapes Home & Garden Products Inc. is based in Calhoun Georgia. Founded in 2000, Greenscapes is family owned and operated. We offer a variety of home and garden products which can be found at major retailers. Our outdoor product line includes garden accessories such as landscape fabrics, garden edging, stakes, tree watering bags, erosion control products, frost protection items and Black Flag bug zappers, lures and bulbs. We also carry a line of DuPont branded natural stone care products such as tile cleaners and sealers, grout cleaners and sealers and grout pens. Our newest introduction is a revolutionary BioFuel product line for emergency kits, home cooking and camping. Most of our Lawn & Garden products are branded Black Flag®, Scotts® or Greenscapes®. We are dedicated to providing the consumer with high quality and innovative products. We committed to core product lines, but are flexible to react to opportunities and challenges and changing market dynamics Greenscapes®  Commitment: Quality, Flexibility, Value.